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Hays Automotive offers auto body repair and custom car building services you can't find anywhere else.

Give Hays Automotive a chance to repair your auto body or build you a custom ride. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call (918) 639-3693 today!
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Auto Body Shop

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Auto Body Shop | Hays Automotive

When you have an accident, you need help. Help with medical issues, help with bills, and help getting your car back together. Hays Automotive of...

Auto Body Repair | Hays Automotive

Everybody needs good auto body repair service sometime during their driving life. When that happens to you, make sure you contact Hays Automotive. We...

Custom Car Building | Hays Automotive

Custom car building is all the rage these days, but building quality custom cars that will stand the test of time takes talent, experience, and skills...

Hays Automotive offers auto body repair and custom car building services you can't find anywhere else.

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Getting into an auto accident is a very stressful incident to get through, even if you and your passengers don’t suffer any injuries. Whether or not it is your fault, there are reports to fill out, insurance companies to deal with, and then you have to find quality auto repair services to get your automobile repaired. Hays Automotive is the premier auto body shop in all of Claremore, OK, and we can take care of you and your car at a great price with minimum hassle.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or your vehicle is just showing its age through dents, scrapes, or faded paint, our auto body shop can get her looking like new in less time and for a lot less money than you may think. Fall in love with your auto all over again with our guaranteed auto body repair and paint service.

Finding a good auto body repair mechanic shouldn’t take all day. Hays Automotive offers dependable, reliable auto body collision repair services performed with integrity and honesty.

Don’t let your car fade or rust away because you can’t find expert auto body and mechanic services. Stop by Hays Automotive and get back on the road safely.