Custom Car Building

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Custom Car Building

Custom Car Building | Hays Automotive - Claremore, OK

Custom car building is all the rage these days, but building quality custom cars that will stand the test of time takes talent, experience, and skills not available to the average auto shop. Hays Automotive brings Claremore, OK the finest custom car building shop to be found in the area, serving all of your needs for premier custom car building services throughout the area.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve always wanted an old classic, a 60’s muscle car, or a Lamborghini, chances are your dream is way out of your budget. At Hays Automotive, we can build you a custom replica that will make you believe you are riding in the real thing. Contact us when you are shopping for:

• Classic Car Replicas – If you have always wanted an old Model A or a ’64 Mustang but can’t find one, or can’t find one you can afford, talk to us about creating a classic car replica at a price you can afford.

• Lamborghini Replica – Everybody wants to drive a Lamborghini, but who can find one even if you can afford it? Let us build you a Lamborghini replica and hit the town in style. No one will know that it isn’t original and we promise not to tell.

• One of a Kind Customs – If you dream of a car you’ve never seen or a one-of-a-kind paint job, Hays Automotive is the shop that can create it for you. Explain your vision to our creative staff and let them bring your dream to life.

It doesn’t matter why you need a custom car building shop, it matters that you choose Hays Automotive to build your custom car. Come in with a vision – drive off with a dream.